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Wanting to add value or just a fresh look to your home?

Kitchens are definitely one of the most expensive renovations, but they tend to pay off if you spend your money wisely.

Replace kitchen countertops

Replacing your kitchen countertops can make a dramatic difference by completely changing the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

If you are thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops, go with a low maintenance option like quartz. There are so many great colors to pick from and more are added every year.

Replace (or paint) kitchen cabinets

Along with the kitchen countertops, updating your kitchen cabinets will totally change the aesthetics of your kitchen. Replacing your cabinets comes at a pretty penny though, but if your cabinets are well made, you could consider painting, which will save quite a bit over new cabinets and can usually get completed much quicker.

Painting cabinets is a difficult and tedious process and I highly recommend hiring an experienced professional painter to tackle that project. Prep work is the key and the right spray equipment and paint process can make your cabinets look new again and add many years to their life. Our go-to painter for all of our remodeling work is 30a Painting right here in Santa Rosa Beach. Their skills are only surpassed by their ability to deliver on your expectations.

White cabinets are certainly pretty but remember that darker colors will show fewer smudge marks and other grime.

Whether you replace or paint your kitchen cabinets, you definitely want to finish it off with new hardware. Installing new hardware to your kitchen cabinets is an easy (and usually fairly inexpensive) way to refresh the space. It is truly the finishing touch.

Watercolor Kitchen Project

Year: 2018 Cost: Approximately $41,000


Project highlights

• New colored kitchen island cabinets with one lower level top

• Painting all other original cabinets, a softer white and added new cabinet hardware

• Changed the top row of cabinet doors to add glass and in-cabinet lighting

• Removed cabinets over the stove and added new open hood

• New quartz countertops and tile backsplash

• New sink and faucet

• Refinished pine floors on the first level


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