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The Value of Having A Stress-Free Design Experience

Just as the world has evolved to a more digital, one-stop-shop era, so has the process of picking out tile for your home; making life easier for the buyer, not more difficult. This is exactly why old-fashioned tile stores have become a thing of the past. The tile industry has taken two very different paths in the last decade: they have either adapted and become more design-oriented, or they have stayed stagnant, hoping their customers have done enough research to make their own unguided decisions. The tile selection process can be one of the most taxing decisions in a new build or remodel—but it doesn’t have to be. When looking for a store to begin your tile shopping, look to see if there is a tile design studio in your area. Finding a design studio will make the process effortless and stress-free, as professionals will help and guide you throughout your tile shopping journey.

Tile is no longer just a functional element in your high traffic living spaces but has become a design statement worth talking about. Customers are more informed of their options from online tools such as Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram, thus creating the need for tile stores to adapt. From a kitchen backsplash to a master bathroom, homeowners are wanting to showcase their own unique styles and personalities. Whether you have a more traditional style, modern flair, or somewhere in between, the tile design studio will be able to curate your space, so it truly reflects your individuality and taste.

8 FIVE 0 A Tile Studio Kitchen Design

From intimate design appointments to personal design packages and home walkthroughs, designers at a tile design studio will guide you through the entire process. Many showrooms are even open to the public and allow clients to browse selections with the guidance of a professional designer without any added costs. Homeowners typically fear that a beautifully designed showroom means more money out of their pockets, which can be a common misconception! Most places will try to work with your budget and provide you with a design you love. Designers have specialized knowledge of each and every product in a tile design studio and keep up with the latest design trends!

8 FIVE 0 A Tile Studio Bathroom Design

Once you decide you are ready for the tile selection process, experienced design consultants will work with you on handpicking tile that best fits each area of your home. As soon as the selection process has been completed, a design package is created to showcase your tile, grout colors, and finishing pieces for your home. Customers are then able to use these packages for selecting paint colors, cabinetry, and countertops in order to create an even more cohesive space. When your tile arrives, a team will typically meet with you, your builder, and your installer to provide drawings, and to go over the installation process so any potential job site mistakes are prevented. The goal is always for clients to have a stress-free design experience, with a final product they will cherish for years to come!

8 FIVE 0 A Tile Studio Bathroom Design

With the current surge in home building and remodeling in the United States, creating a space with its own individual character has become exceptionally important to homeowners. Selecting the appropriate professional to guide you through this experience has become effortless. Our main “goto” tile studio is 850 A Tile Studio in Santa Rosa Beach. We even bring our Panama City clients over to their studio. We love sending our clients to Morgan and her team because the moment they walk through the doors, they get step-by-step assistance throughout the entire tile selection process to ensure you are satisfied. The internet has changed the way customers do business, so gone are the days of having to trust your local “salesman” for design trends. Exceptional customer service is one of the biggest reasons the tile-design industry has been trending upwards. When you trust your project with a tile design studio, you will find that your design experience is guided from beginning to end by those who truly value the outcome of your home.

Morgan Stimson

Principal & Tile Designer After graduating from university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a B.A in Business Law, Morgan immigrated to the United States with the dream of one day owning her own Company. Within months of arriving, Morgan took a job at a small-town flooring company, little did she know at the time that taking a job out of necessity would become her passion. Since then Morgan has strived to be on the cutting edge of tile design, with a husband and a few kids being mixed in there somewhere. Morgan has now completed residential tile jobs across the country, she has helped homeowners, designers, builders, and architects design spaces that are functional while sprinkling in a little style and beauty along the way. Morgan believes that tile can complete the design in any home, whether it be old or new.

Call Morgan for your Design Consultation 850.660.6948

84 Commercial Parkway, Santa Rosa Beach, Fl Located in the Santa Rosa Beach Warehouse District www.850aTileStudio.com Facebook 850studio Instagram tile studio.

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