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Rebuilding Rosemary

This 1,936 sq.ft., 3b/3ba home in Rosemary received a much-needed makeover this summer. With over $300k in renovation costs, we were able to transform this beach home into a beautiful, more functional living space. Not without some challenges, of course.

The owners are from out of state and were originally going to fly in to make selections for their home. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, their travel plans had to be canceled. The entire project, from start to finish, was done 100% remote and online.

Like any remodeling project, we always anticipate a few surprises. While we expect them, we never know exactly which ones will come up, which has us adjusting on the fly and solving difficult issues very quickly in order to keep the job moving forward and keep costs down as much as possible. There were definitely some new and different experiences on this project that helped us learn and grow as a company. Various challenges—like planning for supply chain delays—have made us accountable for the high standards we set for ourselves in order to provide the highest quality work and superior service to our clients.

From upgrading windows to knocking out a few walls, and everything in between, we still managed to complete the project several weeks sooner than expected. The client was extremely happy with their newly updated home and thrilled they were able to enjoy a Fourth of July vacation together at the beach.

Before the magic of a remodel begins, the place must be fully prepped and ready to take on the coming weeks/months of intense labor. Two men spent over two days in prep-work alone for this project. We put up plastic walls to block off the master bedroom and cardboard flooring over everything, including the stairs to protect the parts that were not being remodeled. We also used BuildClean air cleaner to keep the house dust-free. Our clients can rest easy knowing their home will be taken care of as much as possible during a remodel.

1. KITCHEN – completely re-done
• Design changes • Wall demo • Relocate plumbing and electrical • All new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and flooring


Kitchen Before
• Completely removed the wall that separated the kitchen from the hallway, creating a nice open-concept kitchen

• Created kitchen island with a seated overhang

• Relocated the sink and oven

• Extensive moving of plumbing and wiring in the slab to make this new configuration work

• 3D “Hex Blanco” porcelain backsplash tile

Kitchen After
Dining Room and Living Area
• New flooring, paint, and fixtures

Living Area Before

Living Area After

Updated Dining Room

New Light Fixture for Dining Area
PRO TIP: Keep in mind the style and shape of light fixtures. This one took nearly an hour to get straight. The long hanging fixture had to line up perfectly with the room and dining room table.

First Floor Bathroom
• New cabinets, countertop, shower tile and glass, flooring, and all fixtures


First Floor Bathroom Before
• New vanity, quartz top, and toilet

• Porcelain, 6”x36” tile flooring

• Updated 3’x3’ shower tile, fixtures, and glass

• Fresh paint and matte black fixtures

First Floor Bathroom After

First Floor Bathroom After
• New cabinets, countertop, shower tile and glass, flooring, and all fixtures


2nd Floor Hall Bathroom Before

2nd Floor Hall Bathroom After
• Quartz countertops

• Brand new Mouser cabinets

• New light fixtures and matte black hardware finishes

• Unique, beautiful concrete tile flooring

Concrete Tile
PRO TIP: Concrete tile—while distinctive and nice to look at, these floors can be difficult to seal and keep from staining. They need to be sealed three to five times prior to laying the tile down to prevent staining and will need to be resealed about once a year, based on the amount of foot traffic.

2nd Floor Hall Bathroom Before

2nd Floor Hall Bathroom After
Master Bathroom
• Redesign • New flooring, cabinets, countertops, shower tile and glass, and all fixtures


Master Bath Before

Master Bath After
Pro Tip: It’s always highly recommended to waterproof the floors of a 2nd-floor bath that has a free-standing tub.

• All-glass shower door

• 4ft wainscot around the bathtub

• Free-standing soaker tub with contemporary free-standing faucet

• Fresh, light color wall paint

• New tile across the entire bathroom

• Replaced toilet

• Added rain head shower head and handheld

• All matte black fixtures

• Removed and upgraded vanities, countertops, and flooring

• Real marble flooring

• Quartz countertops

• Shower and bathroom floors were waterproofed with the latest Schluter Kerdi waterproofing system

Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

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