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Not only can a third-floor bathroom be created from minimal space, but a number of seemingly impossible remodel projects can transform into a beautifully reimagined, more functional home. Whether it’s a little nook being converted to a closet, or a simple corner in a room being repurposed as an additional bathroom, the possibilities are far and wide. Every house is unique and custom when it comes to the possibilities of what can be re-done. If it can be done, 850 Building Group can do it, however, a variety of factors come into play when making these decisions, such as budget, limitations of space, the structures, layout, etc.

Adding a Third Floor Bathroom: Watercolor, FL

Year: 2019 Cost: Approximately $50k

This project was very unique in that we had to transform a small oddly shaped space into a beautiful, functional bathroom on the third floor.

Project Highlights

  • Little loft area about 7×16
  • New bathroom – 4×16
  • Converted a third story loft area into a full-bathroom
  • Complex routing of plumbing to the first floor

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