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When searching for a beach dream home, don’t be so quick to dismiss a property because you don’t like what you see, or it’s not exactly what you need. There is usually an option to recreate it.  Maybe it needs a major upgrade or facelift, or if it just had an extra bathroom or more living space, it would make it perfect for your family. Remodeling jobs can transform your imagination into reality.  I would strongly suggest finding a location or a community with a potential opportunity and then consult with a design-builder to see if you can make a home, work for you and your lifestyle.  I have seen so many ugly ducklings turned into beautiful swans with a little creativity.

Most homeowners don’t get a home that fits every desire without building a custom home. There are some beautiful homes in the 30A area that are basically move-in ready, but we all want to include our own personal touch where we live or vacation. Sometimes it is as simple as a fresh coat of paint in our favorite color or giving the home a little curb appeal with a new front door, but if it is a bigger job, like structural changes, seek out a trusted and knowledgeable professional and make your dreams come true!         .

Here is some advice from local Design-Build Remodeler, Tate Watson of 850 Building Group.

We always ask our clients to make a list of all that they want.

Three Questions to ask Yourself Before Starting a Remodel:

1. What are your priorities?

Break down that list into three groups: (a) “must-haves,” (b) “really want,” (c) “take it or leave it”. Start here and we’ll refine that priority later.

2. What’s really feasible?

Discuss with an experienced design-builder your entire list and priorities and work out what is really workable with your structure, design, timeline and budget.

3. Who can I work with to accomplish what I want?

Make sure you can communicate comfortably with your design-remodeler and that they listen carefully to all you want and understand your ideas. Experience with your type of project will be very valuable.

Can you do this?

If it will work in the design, space, and budget, then remodeling may make sense for you, and it can be an easy process if you hire the right, experienced professional. We encourage you to check the references of your builder. See what kind of work they have done for other homeowners with similar projects. If you are not on-site to see the work being done, you want someone who will do what they say, complete a job in a timely manner, and update you every step of the process.

Benefits of using a design-build remodeling contractor

• Total accountability for the entire project

• More accurate costs

• Faster project delivery

• More expertise

• Communication with clients

LeAnn Nethe​ry, Realtor® Luxury Property Specialist Corcoran Reverie Cell 850.276.2127 leann.nethery@corcorangroup.com https://30abeachliferealtor.com/

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