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Beautiful Homes: 850 Building Group In Santa Rosa Beach
At 850 Building Group, our mission is simple: to build the best, most beautiful homes around, affordably. In these stout economic times, we understand that financial considerations are at a premium, but we also realize that the need for exceptional, beautiful housing never goes away. That’s why we are here. We combine a passion for construction and attention to detail with the finest, most well-trained staff anywhere, all with the focused aim of delivering you a place to call home, all done with precision and speed. 850 Building Group has proudly served Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and all outlying areas including Walton, Okaloosa and Bay counties for over 25 years and has built over 600 homes. Our services inlude:

  • Custom Homes
  • Remodeling
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Inspections
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Consulting

Custom Home Building in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
850 Building Group has earned our reputation as the area’s leading custom home builder because we meet our customer’s specific requirements. By constantly raising the bar, we have met and exceeded our customer’s…and our own…expectations over and over again. We do that because we are dedicated to providing you with greatest customer service around. And we are able to do that because we are great at building beautiful, lasting homes.

But we do more than build homes. We make your dreams come true. It gives us immense satisfaction to see our client’s smiles after they walk inside their new home, painstakingly built to their specifications. And we take pride in the fact that we deliver your dream affordably and promptly. You will never love a home more than one you design.

But every dream is unique. We understand this, and over the last two and a half decades we’ve come to understand how to tailor a home to your individual wants and needs. It’s the kind of building insight that comes only with exceptional skill and years of experience.

Whatever your requirements, 850 Building Group is ready to meet and exceed them. Whether you want a unique balcony overlooking your property, or if you need special access ramps, we can ingeniously design any type of feature into a home seamlessly. If you want your home to be “green” and loaded with every energy-saving feature available, we’re happy to accommodate you.

Everyone’s dream is unique. At 850 Building Group, we understand this. And we know how to make your dream come true. We have the kind of visionaries that makes it all possible.

At 850 Building Group, we are unmatched at:

  • Delivering comprehensive cost estimates, so you know exactly how much you will be spending
  • Building very quickly and efficiently guaranteeing time, cost, quality and no expensive rework
  • Exceeding customer expectations by always aligning our goals with those of our clients.

Our homes reflect the natural beauty of our environment and the pride we feel being a part of the South Walton Community. Call Us today for a consultation.

If buying a new custom home isn’t in your plans, but you do want to upgrade your existing home, perhaps make it more energy efficient or build an additional room, 850 Building Group is your source for all remodeling projects, big or small. We have years of experience and enjoy working one-on-one with our clients to meet their every need. With meticulous attention to detail and a staff of seasoned professionals, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your remodeling project is done perfectly the first time.

Reasons For Remodeling Florida can be tough on a home’s exterior due to the our high humidity and seasonal storms. In fact, the number one cause for a house’s deterioration is high levels of moisture destroying its structural integrity. A house needs vigilant maintenance to keep it in top repair. Major problem areas include the roof, decks, stucco and Hardi Board and ceilings. On a side not, ceiling damage can usually be prevented through roof maintenance. If you are able to get on your roof, inspecting it for problems after storms and periodically is a wise idea. However, some structural damage or decay happens with time and is difficult to avoid. Our experienced staff has the experience to spot trouble areas and look for signs that might indicate a bigger problem. Other reasons you might need to remodel include:

  • Upgrading your kitchen – Kitchen upgrades are a fairly typical project to pursue these days. If you have an older home, you might be interested in improving the functionality by redesigning your current kitchen. Reordering cabinets, installing a flat grill or deep fryer, implementing built-in cutting boards and granite counter tops are all ways to enhance your kitchen. We have years of experience and know what works and what doesn’t
  • Redesigning bathrooms – Bathrooms are another part of an existing home that are often updated or expanded. We have installed whirlpools, expanded shower space, redesigned vanities and expanded storage. Consider increasing the value of your investment by remodeling your bathroom
  • Expand your outdoor living areas – Everyone loves a beautiful deck addition for their own enjoyment and entertaining guests. Part of the joy of living in Florida is our year-round sunny weather. With a deck, gazebo, patio or porch, you can further take advantage of our gorgeous natural climes
  • Improve your carbon footprint – We’ve all heard about the carbon footprint. By upgrading your home’s built-in energy efficiency, you can save money and significantly increase your home’s value. Skylights, sliding doors and solar panels are just a few considerations which go a long way toward saving you money
  • Home office addition – More and more people are working from home these days. Offices are mobile and your home can double as your HQ. Consider building on a dedicated space that serves as your office

Remodeling your home can increase its worth and make a wonderful first impression for guests. It can also increase the longevity of your home. If you have a small idea and would like to further discuss it with a professional, contact us at 850 Building Group today for a consultation.

Repairs, Inspection And Maintenance
If it is repairs, home inspections or maintenance is what you need, give us a call. You can have confidence in the quality of work we do because we only employ experienced, qualified labor to complete any task you require. And as always, we will deal directly with you about any concern or question you might have. That’s why we’re here.

We have thorough knowledge of home building from the ground up and all phases of its development.

Stucco Repairs
Stucco is nearly universal for the modern Florida house. Due to aging and natural wear, it is not uncommon to have to repair stucco, especially after a storm. 850 Building Group is your number one source for expert stucco repair.

We are available for any consultation you might need, whether it be for a brand new, custom-built home or for a smaller project. 850 Building Group will provide any consulting services required.


“I’m a developer/investor from Memphis and I’ve known Tate for many years. I’ve delt with many builders over the years, but 850 Building Group and Tate was one of the best and easiest experiences I’ve ever had. He built 5 homes for me in Santa Rosa Beach and was completely reliable and dependable in getting my homes built quickly and problem free. Any support paperwork or reports I needed was always provided and Tate is on the ball when it comes to running his business. If and when I do more projects in that area, I will certainly call on him to do the work.”

-Kevin Hynamen

“I’ve known 850 Building Group and Tate for over 20 years now. We have partnered on many projects and he has built over 20 houses here in South Walton for me. I keep coming back to him because I can count on him getting the houses done quickly, as inexpensively as possible and always with excellent quality. He runs his business smoothly and efficiently and he has been very responsive to all my requests. He even built my personal home in the Retreat community in Blue Mountain Beach. Whether it is one house or many I know Tate will put the same concentrated effort to build a custom home like it was his own. I would highly recommend 850 Building Group to anyone for a new home or remodeling project of any size and scope.”

-Hal Mullins