Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes 850 Building Group So special?
A: 850 Building Group has been building beautiful, luxurious custom vacation homes and permanent residences for over 25 years. And you can see and feel the difference when you enter one of our structures. We have the knowledge, the experienced craftsmen, the creativity and the professionalism to make your home building experience turn from a project to the manifestation of a lifelong dream. We work with you from conception to completion to ensure that you get exactly what you desire. Our years of experience has earned us friends, not just customers.

Q: How much does it cost to consult with 850 Building Group?
A: Our consultations are always free.

Q: Can I visit the sites and see your work?
A: Absolutely. We are proud of the exceptional work we’ve done and love to show it off.

Q: I am considering building a custom home. What should I do to begin with?
A: The thought of building a custom home is a seriously exhilarating prospect, so you and your family are bound to have a deluge of ideas about it. That whirlwind can be disorienting. Start writing down your ideas for the things you need first, then build around that with the features you want. One good way we’ve come across over the years is to present the designer and builder a scrapbook of ideas. It can consist of clippings that convey exactly what you’re thinking of. At the outset, homes are a visualization. You can help your designer and builder by offering them concrete examples. Other things you can do to firm up what you want and need are making a wish list of features and citing specific examples from existing homes.

Q: How can I find an available lot that is right for me and my family?
A: 850 Building Group has reserved lots for our clients. Stop by or call to ask about the location of these lots. We have contacts in the real estate business who can also assist you in choosing an appropriate lot.

Q: What is a custom home?
A: The freedom to choose! Design, size, style and room configuration are all options. You choose the exterior elevations, materials, colors, roofing and windows. You choose the paint, flooring, cabinets, lighting and bathroom fixtures. You choose every aspect of your new home, every feature including green technology “smart home” features and any other custom choice. You choose the landscaping, landscape lighting and pool design. 850 Building Group also brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas to your design process. Together, we can make your dream home a reality.